quinta-feira, agosto 18

The girl who fessed up and got fucked.

Need a new name, a new life, needed to knew someone who passed by.
And something past trough you. The sky got a code mensage for us got along with
when we were just us, the everything was so much easier but now i look to the other side and see only slippery slides.
So hard so fess up in front of you, but honey when I do you say it isn't true.
Gave me to the lions, and don't say bad words, just forget all the love you've had before.

Made all the crazy shit and have to deal with it, just conceal doesn't make any good to me , you, or whose want to suffer too. Grab those ripped hearts of the street and explain to me : if you love me so much, why you want to leave alone over here?

I never put in front of me your feelings, hiding my stupid tricks,
keepings in silence the promisses we've made, just to skip a little the pain
so look at me right now, what I have?
Memories, fucking sad memories. Those who stole my peace at night and close up my mind just for me to know: no one is longer by your side kid go ahead and cry before went to sleep.

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