sábado, outubro 30

Franz Ferdinand

Lembranças boas de um carnaval que teve seu fim

segunda-feira, outubro 25

How can I be so alive, when I feel so dead,
down ,deeper, and going for it faster.
With no more smiles, I can just try to get me in the society.
I'm saying bad jokes that no one laughs, but it doesn't matter anymore
they pretend they like it, just because i look sad. How kind of you guys!

A bottle of happines. Need more life, want, me, so leave.
Make same strange noise a little louder, keep it inside of your fucking head
'cuse it's full of people, they say "Oh yeah, i'll call you as soon as I can"
How kind of you guys to forget!

How can I be so dead, feeling so alive?
As soon as possible, i'll get out of this town, out of this head, out of this people
getting out of those cracks of life.
Is this what you call life? It's hell instead of paradise.
So, you say "Everything will be okay, it's not a big deal, you're just going trough a fase"
How kind of you guys!
Do me a favor? Sut up your mouth because the world iss full of kindness, isn't right?


quinta-feira, outubro 7

Gag's. Tédio faz isso btw.
Até que não ficou tão ruim para a primeira tentativa...

segunda-feira, outubro 4

Amor, amor,amor,amor,dor.

" ...e chorou no meu ombro as minhas lagrimas,as minhas dores,o meu amor. Eu chorei os seus."